Who We Are

GCG is a boutique IT consulting organization that provides pragmatic consulting services, in-depth industry analysis, and custom research.

We demystify technology issues and concepts so they can be readily understood by a non-technical, business-centric audience. We explore the ways that technology fundamentally transforms business. We don’t “spin” the data that anyone can locate with a quick Internet search; we collect and analyze our own.

Our findings translate into information and deliverables our clients can use – free of vague jargon, annoying clichés, and corporate buzzwords. If you’re weary of “efforting” things and “thinking outside the box” at “the end of the day,” then we speak your language.

Our Sweet Spots

We focus on Enterprise computing & data centers, Enterprise analytics/Big Data, High Performance Computing, TCO/ROI, virtualization, and other high technology topics.

Our Data Center Surveys poll real-world IT experts to track customer satisfaction, technology trends, and purchasing forecasts.

Our Principal Analyst

Dan Olds began his high-tech career on the vendor side of the industry with Cray Research, Sun Microsystems, and IBM before founding Gabriel Consulting Group in 2002. He was one of the first technologists to study IT total cost of ownership, server consolidation, and virtualization. He began writing about the impact of enterprise analytics before the industry press even gave it a name – “Big Data.”

Dan writes the HPC “Opinion” blog on The Register, and he can be heard on Radio Free HPC. He is frequently quoted in industry and business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Computerworld, eWeek, CIO.com, PCWorld, and ServerWatch.

Dan earned an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. His background of business training, vendor marketing, and technical expertise gives Dan unique insight into the ways technology can be used to make GCG’s clients more efficient, effective, and profitable.